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Strong Foundation – Built on Vista

Maintain is a web application that’s built on the Vista database. Changes in Vista show immediately in Maintain.  Visibility to AP

Streamline Equipment Mechanic Work Flow

Field-ready tools to:

•   Simplify work order processing - create and edit equipment work orders to Vista from anywhere with internet access

•   See the bigger picture - equipment maintenance history and previously performed work

•   Improve productivity and decrease trips – mechanics can see open work orders on the jobsite and plan accordingly

Enter timecards for equipment module work orders

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Coordinator Support

Real time connection of field data to Vista allows coordination to

•   See schedules

•   Quickly see incoming requests from the field

•   Assign work orders to field mechanics from an intuitive portal

The Future

Coming features:

•   Operator inspections

•   Customizable check lists

•   See attachments from Vista and more

Pricing – Scales with your fleet

•   Monthly subscription

•   Call us to discuss pricing! 360-667-3340

Our website is getting a new look soon. Look forward to our revamped site in Q2 2024!

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