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Business analysis + Custom Fit Software

= Finance Solution

Work to improve bondability and prepare for the future–

Strategic guidance for small to mid-sized contractors


The advice and analysis to help improve your bondability, clean up your books, set priorities and prepare for the future. Keep on top of the books with monthly, quarterly and yearly preparation and analysis. We combine software expertise in Vista with the accounting knowledge to get you there.

Reviews and Planning Services:

  • Holistic budget preparation – from preparation, advice and analysis – to review and predictive forecasting.

  • Monthly / Quarterly and Year end reconciliations

  • WIP Processing, analysis and recommendations

  • Complete document preparation for CPA review


Vista Software Optimizations


Deep dive into your balance sheet or skim the surface – it’s your choice.

Ready-to-deploy Vista optimizations speed up common tasks. Custom-fit solutions for your business fit the data your business needs.


Software Power Up Solutions:

  • Budget Import Express – Upload Budgets in a snap, straight into Vista

  • Cash basis specialty sales tax received - optimization Kartaya Power Up

  • Side by Side MTD and YTD Variance Power Up

  • Simplified Internal Management Financial Statements  give a high-level overview of your company’s health, without bogging down in the details

  • Custom Reports – custom formatting & company specific reports give you the critical info you need to make decisions

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Vista Custom Reports Image.png

Our website is getting a new look soon. Look forward to our revamped site in Q2 2024!

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