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Software Power Ups & Customizations - for Vista

Off the shelf - ready to deploy - deeply integrated solutions for Vista

Payroll Power Ups 



Do you reward long term employees with more vacation? or

Do field employees accrue vacation at a different rate than office team members? or Have a unique accrual basis?

Keep your single source of truth within Vista! Kartaya Terrace customization allows Vista to support your policy and solves the manual adjustments and extra spreadsheets by allowing employee groups to accumulate paid time off at different rates. The customization is 100% built in to Vista, so there's no apps or special software needed. Call us today to find out more.



Running Payroll in House? Reduce common payroll errors with an automatic check on errors such as: too much time input on a day, paying less than minimum wages and overtime issues and much more! Use the same tool we've refined and use with contractors we process for. We're continually improving the tool - and adding customer requested features.  Give us a ring to find out more.

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