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Simple Payroll Solutions

Full-Service Solutions + Consulting + Vista Power Ups

On Time and Fully Compliant Full-Service Payroll for Vista 


Payroll is complex. Simplify your office operations with our full-service payroll solution. Ensure employees are paid on time and remain compliant with job, union, and regulatory requirements.


Full-Service Payroll :

  • Vista payroll processing

  • Multi-State payroll

  • Taxes Payments & Filings – Weekly / biweekly payroll with ACH direct deposit

  • Certified / Union Payroll / Job Specific Payroll and related filings

  • Payroll Tax Preparation

  • State mandated new hire reporting / layoff checks

Tailor your software to fit your business with Vista software optimizations


Running Payroll in-house? Calculating vacation accrual in Vista? Facilitate the process and reduce common errors with Kartaya Power Ups.


Software Power Up Solutions:


  • Reduce common payroll errors with Kartaya Snapshot Power Up. Auto Check for Federal / State minimum wages, check for class/ craft template certified time and salary exemptions

  • Different employee tenures and classes often accrue PTO at varying rates. Kartaya Terrace power up allows for a variety of tiered leave policies to fit your organization

Kartaya Terrace Image.png

Expert Consulting and Audit Support


Whether you’re looking for process review or a second look at software setup, we have the expert advice to help save time and support your business.


We can help with:

  • Payroll / GL Account Restructuring Projects

  • Tax Audit Support

  • Payroll Implementation / Implementation Review

  • Craft / Class Setup

  • Custom Reports to meet your business needs

Vista Custom Reports Image.png
  • Do you reconcile payroll to the GL?
    Yes, we provide a reconciling workbook every month for the payroll-related balance sheet accounts, such as FIT Payable, FICA Payable, etc. Note that we recommend journal entries, but we do not make them.
  • If we decide to work with you, is there any cancellation policy?
    We sign a 12-month agreement that provides for a 30-day cancelation notice.
  • We often have New Hires and Separations, how are the fees managed since the employee count changes?
    We use the 15th of the prior month to do an employee count for the next month’s billing.
  • Do you have any plans regarding internet or power outage, employee absences, etc.?
    We rely on you getting the time to us in some fashion, which usually relies on good internet service. On our end, we have several backups if the internet or power dies: o We have permanently remote employees on the payroll team that can run payroll from their home offices o We have a relationship with a local Employee Co-Working space that we occasionally use o We have home offices that are often used even for our office-based employees o We have backup internet in case of a local internet failure o We can also hotspot out cell phones to our laptops to run payrolls in a pinch Employee absences are planned for by having several backup technicians. The first line of defense is the backup technician dedicated to an account. After that is one of the two QC/QA people (the accountants) that are generally working on reconciliation and quarterlies. Next are the other departments’ technicians, all of which are cross trained in payroll.
  • Is there no Entry/On-Boarding fee to work with your company? When would our fees begin?
    That is not correct—there is a one time, fixed-price payroll process review fee. The payroll process review covers: o Payroll process review meetings o Verification to payroll agency information & government accounts o Verification to access is Vista o Upgraded payroll reports used by our staff (but owned by you) o Shadowing payroll processing o Transfer of existing documentation o Creation of company-specific documentation o Creation of payroll GL reconciliation workbook with the corporate controller The monthly fees start once payroll process review is complete. The monthly fees begin with the first payroll we are fully processing. Usually, payroll process review goes a bit beyond the first kickoff payroll for one reason or another.
  • What records do you keep regarding our information and/or payroll information?
    We keep detailed payroll records (PDFs—the reports that Vista generates) and workbooks and copies of all filings with government entities. We also will keep your company's general information in a secure card in LastPass that we call "Important Information". This consists of the company's legal name, business address, phone number, FEIN, and any other state-specific ID numbers or tax account numbers for quick reference.
  • How are live checks handled?
    We provide a PDF copy in a SharePoint or Dropbox folder that is accessible by an administrative person on the customer side to be printed on check stock and signed. In rare cases we mail out checks from our office using a signature stamp that we keep secured, but we prefer not to do this. Every week where there is a check to be printed, we will communicate with our designated person over there when the PDF of the check(s) have been saved and are ready for printing.
  • Can you help us get Keystyle ATS and On-Boarding running? How so and is this an extra cost?
    We provide a range of other consulting services in addition to our payroll services—in fact, it was out of these services that our insourced payroll product grew. We prefer to create a fixed-price scope of work if possible, or a T&M estimate if not. ATS & Employee On-Boarding could be done in person or remotely.
  • Will you be handling the online payment for Taxes (EFTPS), Child Support and/or anything else?
    We handle all online and paper-form-based payments as they relate to payroll. This includes things like 401(k) payments and state tax payments as well as EFTPS, and Child support. Any benefit related payments, not including 401k, HSA, or FSA, will be handled on the customer’s end. Also, any payments that Silvertrek isn't making for any payroll deductions or liabilities will not be reconciled by Silvertrek in the GL for those associated accounts. Silvertrek will not be making any payments for things like health insurance of any kind or any other benefits beyond 401(k), HSA, and FSA contributions.
  • Would you handle Off-Cycle Payroll runs?
    Yes. This is standard especially for our union contractors. We ask they be kept to a minimum.
  • Your office is Pacific Time. What are the hours you’ll be available? How would we contact you?
    Our office hours are 6:30AM Pacific to 5PM Pacific. Email is always open for communicating to your contacts, but you may also call our office at (360) 667-3340, any time during our regular business hours. We prefer to set up instant messaging through Microsoft Teams for fluidity of short, concise notes, questions, or requests for a phone call.
  • Please confirm that you will be handling certified payroll reporting (WH-347) to the GCs as needed, this includes LCP Tracking and eMars on-line filling.
    Confirmed. Note that we do not communicate to your GCs or customers, but we do create the reports. We currently use LCP Tracker and can use eMars online filing, but it will require you to have active accounts with those companies. We will need those login credentials (if needed) shared with us in order to do the reporting through LCP Tracker and eMars. Or, if possible, another account needs created for us specifically with our own credentials.
  • Since you will be using/accessing our Vista what specific access will you need? What programs/forms, reports, and level of access (Read Only/Update/Delete)?
    Usually, we need access to: o Payroll forms & reports (read/write) o GL (read-only) Often, we help troubleshoot department setup issues in other modules, such as the JC Department, and would need access, as necessary. Payroll does not just mean "PR" in Vista, but also AP and JC (JC is a must if we are doing certified reporting). It is common that people forget that we also need AP for tax payment posting. Which means we need to be able to create AP batches, data access, and some reports there too. We will also need access to GL reports if we’ll be doing any payroll GL account reconciliations.
  • Will you provide documentation of the payroll process?
    We will provide all the documentation that we create. You will also have access (and can keep a copy of) the standard documentation that we have already created. Although the payroll processes will remain largely the same, our documentation is designed to guide our technicians through the processing from an outside perspective to other existing documentation that you've created or to other locations on our end. For example, there will be common mentions of specific email addresses, names, or phone numbers referenced throughout should any issues arise.
  • How do you make sure our employees will be paid correctly?
    We rely on you to tell us that timecards are accurate. Your confirmation that payroll is ready to process is a confirmation that the hours entered truly reflect the hours worked by each individual in the pay period. We rely on Vista defaults to determine what wage is used on each timecard line. If the line is private pay, we rely on PR Employees to contain the correct rate. If the time is certified work, we rely on the craft / class setup to be done correctly. Note: Both situations can be reviewed by Silvertrek per a payroll note should you wish for us to review them. This reliance on the defaults is crucial. Our Exceptions report uses the same Vista procedure that the timecards use to pull in the default rate on the timecard, and if this time doesn't match the default, an exception is thrown and payroll does not proceed until the exception is fully verified. For example, perhaps a rate override was purposely entered for some reason. We would get the exception, see the rate isn't set up in Vista anywhere, then reach out to our primary contact at your company with the issue. This process is what defines Silvertrek's C.U.D. payroll note process. We Confirm receipt of the payroll note or the flag of an exception; we Understand what it means or what we are instructed to do; we have Done the task or determined that the exception has been resolved or is invalid.

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