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Tech Services For Vista

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started on my Tech Service needs?

Simply give us a call or drop us a line at  Give us a quick description of the report, implementation, or customization that you need - If you can send us an example of what you're looking for that's even better! Once we receive your request one of our Tech Coordinators will give you a call to determine your needs and scope out the work. We'll send you a formal Work Order to review and sign. This work order specifies what we do and how much we will charge. Once you've approved the work order, we'll get started! 

Depending on the project,  we'll provide either a flat-rate or hourly quote.


2. What systems do you need access to do my work?


It depends.


Implementations: We'll need full administrative access to your accounting system, and at least select permissions on the SQL server. 


Reports / Customizations: We'll need access to Report Titles and Report Security in your accounting system, and "select", "create procedure", and "create view" permissions on the SQL server. In order to test accurately, we often need full permissions in your accounting system, or at least for that portion of the system we're working on.



3. When will my report or customization be done?


We take pride in knocking things out quickly.  The Work Order will give you a date for when you can test the report or customization. Note that this doesn't mean that the report will be done--in fact, most of the time we find that once customers see the rough draft they want to change things, and we want to accommodate that as much as we can.

Our website is getting a new look soon. Look forward to our revamped site in Q2 2024!

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