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A curated blend of enterprise-class software designed with small to mid size contractors in mind

* Hosted

* Secure


* Responsive


* Integrated

So much time and energy is spent by companies looking for just the right software to use. But we know you don't care about software, you care about results. So we've carefully cultivated the right mix of software to allow you to achieve the best results with the least pain.


Vista by Viewpoint does the heavy lifting. It is an full-featured, enterprise-worthy software that we've made easy for anybody to use.

Keystyle allows you to interact with your employees in an organized way that directly integrates with Vista. Timecards? check. New employee checklist? check. Time off requests? check.

Trello is our workspace--all of your work chugs though their intuitive interface via cards and lists. We communicate and keep checklists and reminders there.

Dropbox Business stores our files, and allows you to access your sensitive files easily without sacrificing security.

LastPass allows you to store your passwords and share them in a way that makes working in remote areas possible, all in the most secure manner.

"The Silvertrek Tech Package is our crowning achievement of the last 7 years... Everything we learn from all our customers gets poured into making this Tech Package the best option for growing contracting companies. Our developers get to spend their time connecting proven systems, systems that have been up and running in large, successful companies for years!


This is what we use for our own bookkeeping, because we know it is head-and-shoulders above the other options."

Michael Kelley


Our website is getting a new look soon. Look forward to our revamped site in Q2 2024!

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