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Enhanced Accounting Support

For Vista or Spectrum by Viewpoint 

How to Contact Us

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We have hourly and flat rate packages available - Give us a call to discuss your needs today!

We can help you with questions regarding:

- Backups
- Test Environments
- Dashboards
- Data Manipulation
- Business Intelligence (BI)
- Navigating Viewpoint Support

- Accounting
- Reconciliation
- Processes and Best Practices
- Work in Progress (WIP)
- Reporting (Crystal and SSRS)
- Upgrades

We're glad you asked! Here are some examples of the type of questions we get:


1. Can you help me out with over/under billings? 


Yes, we can help! In fact, we routinely teach training classes on the Work in Progress schedule and on over/underbillings. Not only do we know the theory, but we'd be happy to work with you to get a set of financials that you can be proud of.


2. My worker's comp is overdue, and I can't find the information in my accounting system. Can you help?


Whether it's because of an audit or because you're trying to file a report to the government, we can help look at what is being asked and show you where inside of the software to go to most easily find the data.


3. My payroll accounts don't reconcile. Help?


This is usually just a setup issue inside the payroll module. Relax--it's not so bad... usually.


4. I'm getting audited! What do I do?


Keep calm & give us a call - we can help with most audits, including IRS, US Dept. of Labor, Union Audits, state agencies, and private insurance audits.


5. Vista/Spectrum crashed, what should I do?


Call us! There are many reasons the software might have crashed, including problems with the server, or problems with your individual machine. We can help diagnose the problem and give you some direction.


6. I purchased a third-party software that said they integrate with Vista or Spectrum, but they don't know my software at all. Now what?


Well... let's look! We don't necessarily know their software, but we do know Viewpoint Software. If you vendor is willing to get on the phone with us and you at the same time, we usually can get to the bottom of what needs to be done.



What are Some Typical Support Questions?

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