New September classes created - Time to get learning!

September 19, 2017

Confused by job projections? Mixing up your debits and credits? 

Silvertrek is hosting comprehensive, easy-to-understand webinars designed to alleviate the common frustration of construction company owners and project managers everywhere.

Professor-in-chief: Michael Kelley
Over the past 7 years, Michael has been teaching select groups of people his methods of using software, systems, accounting and technology to disrupt construction accounting everywhere.  

"Wow. I am still totally blown away ...
Michael has a way of communicating that is
extremely easy to understand, and fun!"
Steven Wirtanen, Satisfied Client



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Current class schedule:

  • Sep 26th - Intro to Construction Accounting - A FREE short introduction to construction accounting and why it matters

  • Sep 26th - Intro to the Work in Progress  - Work in Progress for the Everyman - A FREE introduction to the Work in Progress for owners and project managers.

  • Sep 28th - Work in Progress 101  - A follow-up to the Intro to the Work in Progress class designed to go into depth on the theory and terminology of over/under billings and the WIP.

  • Sep 29th - Construction Accounting 101  - Bring your calculators - we're going to get into the HOW behind construction accounting!










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