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Documentation for the leave act now has it's own page due to the expanding clarifications on the interpretations of the law. 

Find FAQ's for the basic setup here. (External Viewpoint website) 

We're listing each major document and it's revision list separately for clarity. We'll be updating this regularly. The documents below aren't intended as legal or tax advice. Check with your general counsel and/or accounting / CPA Professionals on the best way to take tax credits for your business.

Major documents: 

- Basic install guide

- Negative Liability Excel Companion 

- General Payroll Checklist

- COVID Reimbursement Calculation Spreadsheet

Welcome to Documentation Central!


Basic Install Guide Document Revision Notes & History

Rev 0 - Initial Guide Issued on 1st webinar



Revision 1.0 issued 3/26/20. Changes are:

My new understanding of the law (not lawyers, etc etc):


  1. The effective date is now officially April 1st. All leave taken on or after that date will be subject to the new law. Thus, the first time your employees will see this on their paychecks will be the following week.

  2. I mistakenly said that both Sick leave and Family leave would not be subject to Medicare tax. Actually, it is subject to Medicare tax, which then increases the tax credit.

  3. Both the COVID-19 Caretaker and the COVID-19 Family Leave can be paid 2/3rds of minimum wage per new DOL guidelines.

  4. Wages paid above the daily limit are subject to Employer FICA-Social Security. Thus, the COVID-19 Caretaker and the COVID-19 Family Leave should be limited to the daily cap of 200/day and not paid the employee's full rate of pay.

Changes to the intended setup in Vista & PDF:


  1. I've added a "Limitations" section to the last page of the PDF, and the workarounds to overcome them

  2. The two Earning Codes COVID-19 Caretaker and COVID-19 Family Leave now are set up to use .666667 

  3. Modified the Basis codes on all Earnings Codes to show only removing FICA-SS liability code (leaving FICA-Medicare)

  4. Added a step to show Accrual/Usage information on the PR Leave Code setups

  5. Added a step to allow for part-time workers in PR Leave Code setups

  6. Added a step to show setting up the PR Liability Type and the PR Department

  7. Other minor changes to the screenshots & naming conventions were made


Revision 1.1 issued 3/30/20 Changes are:

My new understanding of the law (not lawyers, etc etc):

  1. You are not required to pay more than the caps (511/day or 200/day) even when the 2/3rds pay would be greater

  2. Rehired employees that were laid off after March 1st, 2020 are eligible for all benefits

  3. The IRS will waive "failure to deposit" penalties for companies that anticipate a credit under the new law

Changes to the PDF (rev 1.1) include:

  1. Leave codes Leave Balance Warning levels are now set to “Not Allowed”

  2. Additional description has been added for each screenshot to call out items of note

  3. Each step has been written out


Revision 1.2 issued 4/1/20 Changes are:
  1. Modified the report recommendations from PR Tax Report to PR Federal Tax Deposit Liability

  2. The description for the Family Leave code screenshot is corrected


Revision 2.0 issued 4/1/20 Changes are:
  1. Modified the Basis codes for all COVID-19 Earnings types to be "Subject only"

Our website is getting a new look soon. Look forward to our revamped site in Q2 2024!

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